Our focused approach to retirement planning was created, and continues to evolve, using in-depth analysis of empirical research. But for all its evidence-based foundation, there’s no plan without your input. Your plan can only be built by knowing your assets and liabilities and, just as important, your wants and needs.

We have a detailed discovery process that leads to a deep understanding of your objectives and preferences. Much more than a risk questionnaire, it starts with an in-person session about your current situation, your goals and values, and major life events to come. The more we know about you, the better we can create the wealth management strategy most likely to achieve what you want out of life.

We will then meet, typically, three more times in the next two months—to present a plan and get your feedback, review modifications and next steps, and set a schedule for ongoing regular progress meetings. The frequency of those meetings is up to you and your situation, as is the venue, whether by phone or in person—however, we strongly recommend at least one annual in-person meeting for a full review.

The discovery process flows directly into the ongoing management of your plan. Taken together, we call this our Personal Benchmark Analysis, a systematic and rigorous fine-tuned process we follow throughout our relationship.


What you want to achieve can change over time. We understand that.

As we work together, we may extend the number of years a portfolio can provide distributions or reduce the number of accumulation years needed before you retire.

Talk to us today and start planning a realistic future.


Always watching out for your interests.

Regardless of how often we meet, our work for you is ongoing. We track your portfolio and strategy in a way that is far more substantial than checking market performance each night. Our advisors use inStream Solutions℠, the robust platform we created specifically to monitor client accounts, to receive alerts whenever changes occur that impact your plan. We’ll reach out to you with the effect of these changes on your projected withdrawals, and proactively make recommendations designed to keep your plan on track with your goals.

We closely follow national and world events that will affect your portfolio, but we also know that life- or goal-changing events can occur suddenly within families. Whenever that happens, we’re here. And don’t think that these events have to be monumental for you to reach out to us; as your advisors, we’re here to advise. If you simply want to blue-sky about a new business venture or discuss the implications of different college tuitions for a child, pick up the phone.

A complete team behind you.

While your wealth manager will be your primary contact, you’ll have a full financial team that works closely with our principals and research director as well. If you need a different type of expertise, we refer you to someone you can trust, and will act as your liaison as much or as little as you desire.

Our client service team is always available to you, too. They’ll guide you through complex financial details needing your attention and, whenever possible, simply take care of them for you—with your permission and with full documentation. You also have online access to your important documents—including monthly statements and quarterly reports.