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Transitioning from saving for retirement to spending in retirement is not a one-size-fits-all process. It requires complex analyses that must account for your life expectancy, specific income needs, and tax impact to your personal finances. Many find that navigating these decisions on their own can be overwhelming given all of the variables. McLean's approach is deeply rooted in academic research and employs a structured, disciplined approach to retirement income planning to help you ignore the "noise" and achieve your goals.

Our Process

It’s all about you

McLean puts you front and center and spends our initial meetings talking about what is most important to you. Specifically, we review your feelings about money, discuss your values, relationships, interests, personal beliefs, and what you hope to achieve with your financial assets.

McLean feels strongly that the onboarding process cannot be streamlined. There is no way an advisor can understand your goals or accurately assess your current situation without having a detailed conversation about your personal circumstances.

It's not what you make, but what you keep.


Taxes touch every part of your financial life and are a critical component of any retirement plan. 

Tax planning is integrated into McLean’s planning and investment advisory services to identify opportunities as they arise. Examples of common tax planning opportunities are identification of tax-efficient savings vehicles, charitable giving strategies, managing capital gains, Roth conversions, tax credit eligibility, tax-loss harvesting, asset location strategies, and tax-efficient distribution strategies.

While we are not CPAs and do not prepare tax returns, it can benefit you to have another set of eyes review your tax return for planning opportunities. As opportunities are identified, we can run tax projections to illustrate the potential impact of a strategy, coordinating with your outside tax adviser as needed. 

Available Engagements

McLean offers standalone or ongoing engagements, based on your preferences and planning needs. Regardless of which you choose, you will receive a tailored retirement plan, not cookie cutter recommendations. Getting a 2nd opinion or a fresh pair of eyes on your plan can provide peace of mind and comfort knowing that you didn’t miss something on your own.


Standalone Financial Plan

The standalone planning engagements can cover your baseline retirement income planning needs without a requirement for ongoing investment management services.


Wealth Management

Geared towards those who may want assistance with planning and investment management. Includes professional coordination, ongoing advice, and implementation support.


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