When straight-forward

seems straight up difficult.

How did McLean help John and Cathy achieve their retirement goals? Find out below...

In the courtroom of retirement, John and Cathy, on the outside, looked like an open and shut case. But as many lawyers will tell you, the easy cases take just as much work as the hard ones…and sometimes they are not as simple as it seems.

John and Cathy were in their mid-50s, looking to semi-retire, and hoping to fully retire by their mid-60s. They had a portfolio that checked so many of the right boxes that someone on the outside looking in could wonder why they would ever consider seeking help in planning their retirement. With about two million in investable assets, John would always take pride in telling his wife, “We got this!”.

Cathy was always the planner of the two, so when John would say, “We got this,” she had a few questions to ask if he had answers for every “this”:

  • How do we bridge the gap between losing employer-sponsored healthcare before qualifying for Medicare?
  • How can we generate a tax-efficient income stream in retirement while achieving our spending goals?

While John was notorious for having all of the answers, Nancy had stumped him. That’s when John found McLean so he could have an answer once again.


John Asked

Are you willing to take on a seemingly straightforward retirement plan?


To which we replied:

“Every retirement plan has its intricacies; let’s make the best retirement plan for you!"

It turns out that John and Cathy both had focused so much on “being where we need to be” that they never had defined "what they wanted to be” in retirement. For them, the main obstacle keeping them from pursuing their hobbies and goals in retirement was some thoughtful tax planning.

How we helped John and Cathy:

Identified an individual health plan on their state’s healthcare exchange that would provide the required coverage until Medicare kicks in.

Outlined a multi-faceted tax planning strategy that incorporated loss harvesting and tax bracket management to create a more efficient income stream and ensure eligibility for tax subsidies and income-based programs in retirement.

Gave John the confidence to say he knew the answers the whole time, the answer just happened to be McLean!

Semi-retirement turned out to be a fully fun phase in John and Cathy’s life. With the strategies put in place by McLean, they felt assured in what they were doing for their future. Everyone has different goals, and for John and Cathy, their biggest goal was to feel confident in retirement, and McLean gave them all the confidence they needed.


“I was so afraid to reach out to an advisor because I felt our situation was too easy and I was embarrassed to ask for help. It turns out, the most embarrassing thing now is my wife knowing I should have reached out to McLean sooner!”


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