Looking at the big picture.

Our approach goes beyond current assets and investments to encompass your entire financial life. Your McLean wealth manager coordinates the special expertise of tax, insurance and estate planning professionals—whether our staff members, your existing advisors, or others we recommend—to develop your best strategies for everything from exit planning for business owners to charitable gifting strategies.

Given our typically long client relationships—we have clients now in their third decade with us—we are in a unique position to advise on both personal financial and business decisions, from mergers to stock option distributions to buying a vacation property. And we are able to project the impact of these decisions on your retirement distribution plans. Having a trusted advisor serve as a professional sounding board on possible financial ventures helps you avoid costly mistakes.

One out of 10 people who are 65 today will live past 95.

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Tax management, estate planning, and more.

We have tax experts on staff and will also work closely with your most trusted advisors to provide tax management across your entire investment portfolio. Limiting tax liability is always a part of our overall planning, from reducing exposure to tax inefficient holdings when creating your portfolio to systematically harvesting losses and actively offsetting distribution gains while managing it. Because tax codes are always changing, regionally and nationally, tax management strategies are continuously reviewed.

Similarly, estate planning is best accomplished in concert with your overall wealth management strategy. Our on-staff professionals help structure your estate in ways designed to ensure your wealth is distributed according to your intentions.

From maximizing employee benefit plans to structuring long-term care for parents, we’re just a call away. In short, we can help you navigate everything that intersects finance in your life.

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