Following the right investment model.

Leading advisory firms no longer equate success with picking outperforming stocks. Rather, the popular methodology today is to create investment portfolios with multiple asset classes, maximizing return per unit of risk. It’s a fine approach for large institutions that will be invested in the markets in perpetuity, but not for individuals. After saving for 30 years, you can’t wait out a 15-year bear market to start your retirement. Your plan needs to be based on a specific time horizon, focused on when you’ll start taking distributions and how long you expect to do so.

Creating a predictable retirement income.

Navigating the transition from living primarily off working income during your peak earning years to drawing only retirement income can be tricky. The key is aligning lowered expenses to a stable retirement income comprised of your plan distributions and social security.

To that end, we create plans seeking to provide a two- to three-decade long comfort level for a family in retirement. We incorporate multiple asset class research into our more targeted distribution approach, letting you draw income from your portfolio in both good and bad market conditions. Before you receive any investment advice, your plan has been carefully reviewed by our internal investment committee. Comprised of our Principals, our Director of Research, and members of both our investment and wealth management teams, their combined credentials, education and experience are rarely found in advisories of any size. As disciplined investors, we can structure portfolios around pre-existing securities, avoiding unnecessary liquidations and gains realization. Portfolio losses are systematically realized and replaced by other fundamentally similar stocks to maintain the portfolio’s overall return profile. And throughout the year, we create individualized tax efficiencies and conduct systematic portfolio rebalancing.

The advantages of independence.

We are not paid by any of the investment choices we offer—our open investment platform lets us select the investment vehicles that best suit your needs. This fee-only approach aligns with the fiduciary standard of care that is our duty to uphold as a Registered Investment Advisor.