Where Is My Insurance Policy Against Bad Financial Decisions?

Where is my insurance policy against bad financial decisions?A financial advisor is a living and breathing financial insurance policy. What does that mean?

Well, let’s consider what an insurance policy is. Insurance is there to help cushion the blow in case something bad happens. It provides peace of mind when things are going well and protection when they’re not.

McLean’s advisors provide peace of mind in knowing you’re investing well and protection against poor decisions in two ways: by providing discipline to your financial life, and by making sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Three Ways Your Financial Advisor Keeps You Disciplined

Your financial advisor provides discipline to your financial life in three ways:

  1. Making sure you stick with your financial plan – When the market is dropping and everyone is nervous about how low it might go, your discipline should prevent you from selling. When the market is going up, and everyone is getting excited, your discipline should keep you from buying. A financial advisor is an added layer of protection against buying high and selling low.
  2. Keeping you on course – Even though your investments don’t necessarily go up every year, a positive pattern will likely emerge over time and across different markets provided you stick with your asset allocation. Your advisor will help you stay on course.
  3. Protecting you from emotional decisions – Your decisions should be motivated by reason and logic, not emotions like fear and greed. Regardless, it’s easy to give in to fear when the market is down, just like it’s easy to get a little greedy when the market is up. Your advisor is there to keep your emotions in check.

Is Anything in Your Financial Situation Slipping through the Cracks?

Maintaining an efficient financial plan is a big job. It’s easy to miss the myriad of ways to optimize and tweak your portfolio when you’re focused on the bigger picture. That’s where your McLean team steps in. By continuously reviewing your financial plan, as well as your total financial situation, we can make small readjustments to keep you on track and make sure nothings falls through the cracks.

Your financial objectives will change as you age, so you will want to make small adjustments as you go. Your objectives will not be the same when you’re 70 as they were when you were 35. You change through time, so your plan should change, too.

Minor changes are better than what could happen if you wait a couple of years: You run the risk of finding out you have to make some drastic changes.

By re-running your plan every day, your advisor can keep it up-to-date. Remember — no news is good news. That means you’re on track to meet your goals. When issues do come up — issues will inevitably come up — your advisor will alert you and you can address them together immediately.

The Assurance of Insurance

By providing discipline to your financial life and making sure nothing slips through the cracks, your financial advisor is a living, breathing insurance policy against financial mishaps. The peace of mind alone is worth it for some investors, while others appreciate the financial failsafe.

On a macro level, advisors protect and promote your financial health. But what does that look like up close? When you get to the nitty-gritty of it, your financial advisor is strategizing on your behalf on a day-to-day basis.


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