Review: How to know whether you have ‘enough’ to retire early

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Deciding when to retire can be a nerve-wracking decision. You’ve spent the last few decades working toward, and preparing for, retirement. How do you know when to call it a career? If you don’t have a retirement income plan in place, then really, you’re just guessing and hoping for the best. It’s possible everything will work out, but you’re taking a shot in the dark – with the rest of your life. You can be a lot more confident if you do have a retirement income plan in place – and you’ve been working on that plan. Pulling the trigger and starting your retirement will still be stressful (I still get nervous and triple check the dates whenever I buy plane tickets), but you’ll know you have given yourself the best chance possible to reach the retirement you have always wanted. The first, and most often overlooked, step is to decide what your retirement will look like. What do you want to do? What will make you feel fulfilled over the long term? Remember, you’re potentially looking at thirty-plus years of retirement. That’s a lot of Law & Order reruns and rounds of golf. Once you know what you want […]

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