We continually update our views, contributing to academic journals and industry literature. Our analyses have been published in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Money Magazine, Advisor Perspectives and the Journal of Financial Planning; we are also regular contributors to Investment News. Both our latest thinking and an historical archive can be found below. Top-tier industry groups value our thinking as well, as our expertise is tapped for the TD Ameritrade Advisor Panel and the Dimensional Fund Advisors National Study Group.

Our investment advice is based on 50 years of academic research, and goes well beyond model portfolio theory.

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Occam’s – On the Power of Disciplined Investing

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The appeal of market timing is obvious. Who wouldn’t want to get in and out of the market at the best time every time? We’ve talked a lot about market timing in the past – timing risk premiums, trying to time the markets on a daily basis, and the impor…

Wade Pfau Releases New Book on How to Spend Money Wisely in Retirement

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Wade Pfau’s latest book gives much needed insight into how retirees can spend money in retirement without constantly worrying about going broke.
The post Wade Pfau Releases New Book on How to Spend Money Wisely in Retirement appeared first on Retiremen…

Review: European stocks rise for 8th straight session as euro slides after violent Catalonia vote

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Big political events often have big impacts on the stock market. But often it’s not immediately apparent what that impact will be. This article points out that on Monday the Spanish and broader European markets were pretty calm. Though the author could…

Occam’s Razor Newsletter

Occam’s Razor is our take on the latest occurrences in financial planning and the markets.  It is named after a principle put forth by 14th century philosopher William Occam, in which he makes the case for explanations that do not go beyond what is necessary for clarity.  His “razor”, which shaves off the superfluous, is needed even more today, especially in wealth management.

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