We continually update our views, contributing to academic journals and industry literature. Our analyses have been published in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Money Magazine, Advisor Perspectives and the Journal of Financial Planning; we are also regular contributors to Investment News. Both our latest thinking and an historical archive can be found below. Top-tier industry groups value our thinking as well, as our expertise is tapped for the TD Ameritrade Advisor Panel and the Dimensional Fund Advisors National Study Group.

Our investment advice is based on 50 years of academic research, and goes well beyond model portfolio theory.

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Latest Posts

Unpacking Today’s Market Return

| Investment Advice, Retirement Insights | No Comments

Today, March 9th, 2020, was a bad day for the market returns. There are four main elements to this story that I want to pick apart…

What to Make of Market Volatility

| Investment Advice, Retirement Insights | No Comments

In recent days, the significant market decline has resulted in renewed anxiety for many of you. While it may be difficult to remain calm during a substantial market decline, it is important to remember that volatility is a normal part of investing.

Lessons for the Next Crisis

| Investment Advice, Retirement Insights | No Comments

We wrote this in 2017 and it remains just as relevant today. In early October 2007, the S&P 500 Index hit what was its highest point before losing more than…

The Coronavirus and Your Investments

| Investment Advice, Retirement Insights | No Comments

The Coronavirus is scary. Aside from the reasonable health precautions that you should be taking, what should you be doing to protect your investments from the disruptions that the Coronavirus may cause?

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Occam’s Razor is our take on the latest occurrences in financial planning and the markets.  It is named after a principle put forth by 14th century philosopher William Occam, in which he makes the case for explanations that do not go beyond what is necessary for clarity.  His “razor”, which shaves off the superfluous, is needed even more today, especially in wealth management.

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