We continually update our views, contributing to academic journals and industry literature. Our analyses have been published in The Wall Street JournalForbesMoney MagazineAdvisor Perspectives and the Journal of Financial Planning; we are also regular contributors to Investment News. Both our latest thinking and an historical archive can be found below. Top-tier industry groups value our thinking as well, as our expertise is tapped for the TD Ameritrade Advisor Panel and the Dimensional Fund Advisors National Study Group.

Our investment advice is based on 50 years of academic research, and goes well beyond model portfolio theory.

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Latest Posts

Occam’s – What Do Low Interest Rates Mean for Stock Returns?

By Bob French, CFA
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Interest rates are one of the key tools that the Federal Reserve has to manage the economy. Changing how much it costs to borrow money (even if the Federal Reserve…

How To Create a Well-Balanced Portfolio?

By McLean Asset Management

Investing is the best way to build wealth and outpace inflation. But how do you do it? Many have tried to time the market, but history tells us this is not the best method. Instead, a much more sustainable and efficient manner of getting started is to construct a well-diversified portfolio that is suitable, given your risk tolerance and time horizon.

Where and How to Save?

By McLean Asset Management

As a young adult, prioritizing your long-term financial goals can be daunting. The good news is you can navigate through it with some basic planning. Here are some savings strategies, listed in descending order of priority:

Basic Insurance Types: Protecting Your Financial Future

By McLean Asset Management

Selecting an insurance product can be a daunting task. With so many options, it may be confusing to know which direction to take. There are several types of insurance products out there, and this article will give you a brief overview of the most common ones.

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The latest research and helpful guidance for retirement-minded investors.

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Occam’s Razor Newsletter

Occam’s Razor is our take on the latest occurrences in financial planning and the markets.  It is named after a principle put forth by 14th century philosopher William Occam, in which he makes the case for explanations that do not go beyond what is necessary for clarity.  His “razor”, which shaves off the superfluous, is needed even more today, especially in wealth management.

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Market Reviews

Exactly what the name describes, a more in-depth appraisal of the state of the markets.

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