Review: John Oliver on Retirement Plans

Retirement plans are complex. But they’re made much more complex because confusion often means more money for retirement plan providers. Take twenty minutes to watch the video above, where John Oliver says pretty much everything we would say (if we could actually write jokes, and with some more “choice” language).

He hits a whole bunch of the most important points about investing. He talks about how active management doesn’t work. He talks about how important it is to work with a financial advisor that is actually a fiduciary (we are). And he talks a lot about how devastating high fees can be, and how fees are one of the few things you can actually control.

All of this is stuff we talk about constantly. He just has a larger audience (and is more eloquent, funny, and wears nicer suits than us).

At the end of the video he lays out five things you should do with your investments.

  1. Start saving now
  2. Invest in low-cost index funds
  3. Ask if your advisor is a fiduciary
  4. Gradually shift investments from stocks to bonds as you get older
  5. Keep your fees under 1%

This is great advice. We agree with all of it. Following these rules doesn’t guarantee that you will have a good investment experience, but it makes it much more likely.

Watch the video, and afterwards, if you’re wondering how to evaluate your current retirement plan, take a look at our ebook “Reviewing Your Retirement Plan” (I told you he’s more eloquent than us).


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