Good financial planning decisions extend well beyond where and how you invest. Wade Pfau explores the question of whether professional financial advice is really worth it.

How Adding a Financial Expert Pays Off download


This book discusses how a financial advisor will help you set up your financial plan and then make sure it is implemented correctly and monitored regularly to ensure it stays on track.

What McLean Can Do for You

Download "A Minimalist's Guide to Financial Markets"

Delegating tasks is an essential part of any well-run business. The same is true in your personal life. You don’t have time to give everything the attention it needs. McLean’s advisors give your financial future our whole attention.



In this resource, we explore the not-so-glamorous daily life of advisors – what they do to manage your portfolio on a regular basis, how they make the decisions they do, and how they tackle some of the bigger issues regarding your portfolio.

What to Expect as a New McLean Asset Management Client Web Cover


This resource seeks to answer these commonly asked questions: What is involved in the process of becoming a new McLean client? What will my relationship with my advisor look like?