Investing the McLean Way: 4 Strategies That Set Us Apart

Investing the McLean Way

The following is an excerpt from our ebook, “What McLean Can Do for You.”

When you work with McLean, you will have financial specialists keeping a constant eye on your finances, providing the expertise to accomplish your financial goals and giving you the peace of mind so many investors long for. We accomplish this through a four-fold approach that sets us apart from many other firms.

1. When you hire a McLean advisor, you get the whole team.

Working with McLean means having a team of experts working on your behalf. Not only do you have your financial advisor, but you have an organization built around giving you a great financial experience. To accomplish this, your advisor is supported by teams of professionals, including:

  • An Investment Committee that monitors our investment strategy to make sure we are investing your money the right way;
  • A Financial Planning Committee to make sure we’re taking care of your broader financial needs;
  • An experienced Investment Operations Department to take care of the day-to-day needs of your investments and ensure they are exactly where they should be and everything is running smoothly.
  • An entire Wealth Management Team backing up your advisor to make sure every detail of your financial situation is taken care of;
  • Plus, you’ll get a Personalized Client Interface that will allow you to see exactly what is going on with your finances every day.

2. Our advisors focus solely on advising.

We work very hard to make sure your advisor can focus on serving you. Advisors at McLean don’t need to worry about spending time prospecting for new clients, trading portfolio accounts, handling the administrative details, or handling the day-to-day needs of a business.

Many advisors try to accomplish all of this while also attending to clients’ individual needs. This doesn’t work. You need a team to make sure everything is taken care of, and nothing slips through the cracks.

3. We provide the human touch.

We are not like online advisors out there. We think the human element is necessary. While it may be possible to provide lowest common denominator investment offerings in an automated way, that’s not what we do.

We want to make sure your investments truly fit your goals. When robo-advisors brag that they can “Assign you an investment portfolio in under 10 minutes if you just take this simple quiz,” that’s not a good thing.

Well-rounded, customized investment portfolios take more into account than how many years you are from retirement and your income. Your investments need to reflect who you are – how comfortable you are with risk, what you are trying to achieve, and what is going on in your life.

4. We look at all things financial, not just your investments.

We know your investments are only part of your financial situation. An advisor will help you with anything that intersects money. We can help you not only with your investments, but also with estate planning, developing a charitable giving strategy, planning for education expenses, strategizing for taxes, or achieving any number of other financial goals. True wealth management takes your entire financial situation into account and makes sure it’s all working together toward your desired purposes.

By working with a specialist at McLean, your financial plan will be overseen and implemented by a team of professionals. You will work with real people who understand you and your goals. You will have the assurance that your advisor is working for you and can handle any financial hurdles life may throw at you.

Download “What McLean Can Do for You” to find out how we can help you reach your financial goals.



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