How a Financial Team Works for You

How a Financial Team Works for You

The following is an excerpt from our ebook, “What McLean Can Do for You.”

Putting your financial plan into action is no small task. As a McLean client, you will have several teams working for you, including one dedicated to trading and one to wealth management.

The Investment Operations Team

As with any combined wealth management strategy, conceptualizing and implementing a plan and investment strategy is just the first step. If left unattended, the strategy will quickly become irrelevant and the implementation will decay due to negligence. This is what happens when you don’t have the necessary resources to devote to this.

A Phrase You’re Probably Familiar with (and How It Applies to Investing)

You’ve probably heard the phrase “The one constant in life is change” before.

Like it or not, your financial life is fluid and depends on several factors, some you are in control of, and many you are not. Your strategy needs to constantly reflect these factors and their constantly changing nature, as well as the larger milestone events in your life.

Eight Areas Our Investment Operations Team Oversees (and What That Means for You)

At Mclean we have a team that oversees the investment operation of your portfolio on a daily basis. They handle several items, including the following:

  1. Take advantage of rebalancing opportunities to ensure your portfolio is allocated properly.
  2. Optimize trading strategies to both minimize trading costs and maximize the benefit to your portfolio.
  3. Efficiently manage the amount of cash in your portfolio for any distributions or contributions you may make.
  4. Immediately respond to your requests.
  5. Efficiently and effectively transition your portfolio strategy when appropriate.
  6. Reconcile your portfolio holdings daily to assure correct trade execution.
  7. Provide regular performance reporting.
  8. Provide year-end tax reporting to make it very easy for your accountant to prepare your taxes.

If you want to understand more about the day-to-day management of your portfolio, you can take a look at our ebook “A Day in the Life of a Portfolio.”

Our Investment Operations department plays a big part in allowing your advisor to focus specifically on your needs. Managing the details of your investment portfolio is extremely time consuming.

While we have developed a number of automated tools to handle many of these tasks, portfolio management requires a human touch to get it right. By centralizing our portfolio management, your advisor doesn’t need to spend their time calculating trade requests – they can be spending that time focusing on your larger questions that require the attention and energy of a financial professional.

The Wealth Management Team

We’ve shown you who works behind the scenes, and now it is time to introduce the stars of the show: your Wealth Management team.

We use a team approach to directly deal with your everyday needs. Every client has a team of professionals that will be looking out for them. They consist of your lead advisor, your associate advisor, and your relationship servicing associate.

The Key Players and Their Roles

Lead advisor – Assesses your financial situation and develops a wealth management plan that addresses your current and ongoing needs. Leads your meetings on our behalf. This is the person you will speak with most often.

Associate advisor – Assists with the analysis surrounding your everyday questions and provides advisor support.

Servicing associate – Ensures your applications, transfers, scheduled distributions and contributions are being performed and addressed quickly and smoothly.

While your lead advisor is the main point of contact, you will often have direct access with each member of your Wealth Management team and their expertise. We take great pride in the level of service we provide for every client relationship, and we want you to feel comfortable interacting with all of us.

And If Your Situation Goes Beyond Their Expertise…

Your team will have a level of expertise that equips them to handle most of the financial situations you’ll run into and answer most of your questions.

But, sometimes, a situation or a question will arise that requires an outside expert. This is where your lead advisor comes in. Your lead advisor will also serve as your lead wealth coordinator when contacting and interacting with other professionals on your behalf.

Our extensive experience has given us the opportunity to develop deep relationships with a variety of financial professionals in various disciplines. We know and trust these professionals, so in the event we need to call in outside help, you don’t need to go through the process of vetting them.

This saves you a tremendous amount of time in discovery and in conveying your personal situation. It also ensures your solutions are not disjointed but rather work together in one cohesive strategy.

We regularly work with leading estate planning attorneys, accountants and insurance professionals. We also have an established network of more niche related professionals, such as Certified Valuation Experts for business sales.

Your Very Own Professional Financial Trading Team

As you can see, the Wealth Management team’s job is to be your all-around financial advocate. They work to ensure that we are always successfully integrating the investment and financial planning strategy on your behalf for the optimization of your overall financial plan.

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