Strategies To Consider When Building An Effective Retirement Income Plan

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The challenge in building an effective retirement income plan is to use available income tools and tactics in a strategic manner to meet the financial goals of retirement while also managing the risks confronting those goals. The financial goals of ret…

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Review: How to gauge your chances of a phased retirement

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A lot of people expect to work past “retirement age.” They either figure that they will need the additional income to live, or they just enjoy their work and everything that comes with it. Planning to work in retirement is a dangerous game. Working longer can have a huge impact on your retirement situation – not only will you still have an income, but you also won’t be pulling money from your savings. However, almost half of retirees leave the workforce before they planned to, and of those who retired early, over half left because of a personal or family health issue. That should be terrifying if your retirement income plan hinges on you working into your 70s. If you want to work in retirement, that’s great. But you need to recognize it’s a risk. You may not have that option. You owe it to yourself to look at the situation rationally and understand just how feasible your plan is. While 70 percent of companies say they are “aging friendly,” that doesn’t really mean all that much. Frankly, I’m curious about the third of companies that said they weren’t “aging friendly.” You need to look at what your company and […]

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