Strategies To Consider When Building An Effective Retirement Income Plan

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The challenge in building an effective retirement income plan is to use available income tools and tactics in a strategic manner to meet the financial goals of retirement while also managing the risks confronting those goals. The financial goals of ret…

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Review: Think Bitcoin Is a Bubble? 5 Ways to Short It

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We’ve seen increasing interest in the media about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lately. And we’ve already talked about  whether it makes sense for most people to include them in their investment portfolios (short answer: no). Now, I have no idea whether there’s a bitcoin bubble. Bubbles are slippery things. If you ask financial academics, you can get an interesting conversation going about whether bubbles even exist, or if it’s just “rapid discounting of risk.” In financial media, calling something a bubble usually just means that something has been going up for a while, and you want to write a story about why it “has to” go down. It would be nice if we could call when a bubble will pop, but there’s just no evidence that anyone can effectively time the market. Plus, the article points out that there’s not really a good way to short bitcoin right now anyway. But I want to stop for a minute and defend the poor, helpless short sellers of the world. While it’s easy to vilify them – and they often make it so easy – they are crucial to a well-functioning market. No one really likes people who profit off other people’s […]

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