When we say we make your retirement plan easy-to-manage and easy-to-communicate, we mean we remove industry jargon so understanding is accessible to everyone.

One reason more employees don’t join a company retirement plan is because of perceived difficulty in the enrollment process. Through clear communication using plain English and non-financial concepts to explain the basics of retirement planning, we remove the roadblocks that would otherwise create an arduous sign-up process.

Once enrolled in the plan, we continue working with your staff to keep them focused on how their current behaviors translate into future (projected) income in retirement. Instead of relying on online calculators or tools, we have developed a Retirement Readiness Report that clearly communicates how current account balances translate into future income streams. It also provides revised outcomes based on behavior changes such as working longer or contributing more.

We know your staff is busy and limited on time, which is why we offer flexibility in how we work with your team. Employees can reach us via face-to-face meetings, over the phone, or through online meetings or video conferencing (e.g., Skype) so they can receive support quickly and get back to work.