It’s true that resolving and answering questions about your retirement plan can take a lot of time. When you’re running a business, leaving voicemails and sending email messages off to various 401k Paper Airplane-2plan service providers is not the best way to grow. And that’s right where McLean comes in.

We are your single point of contact, so you don’t need to keep an entire list of numbers (or a whole Rolodex, if you’re still using one) for all your plan vendors. When you have questions, we are the lone resource you need to reach out to.

We will coordinate communication between all parties, companies, and plan vendors on your behalf. You and your staff will save time when you avoid the back-office back-and-forth that you would otherwise have to deal with when managing a retirement plan.

And with a partner like McLean covering the communication, you’ll do more than save hours of time dealing with your plan, you’ll also avoid the stress that goes along with trying to successfully manage all that communication.