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Client Professionals


Mark works with successful executives, owners of closely held businesses, and financially independent individuals in the Washington, DC area and New England, providing clients with comprehensive financial support and advice. He brings nearly 30 years of financial planning and wealth management experience, and a substantial group of long term loyal clients to McLean Asset Management Corporation. Mark’s strength is a commitment to a creative and holistic approach to core planning disciplines, which results in his clients consistently achieving their financial goals, making him a constant as a long term professional resource for his clients.

Wealth Management Practice Areas

Investment Consulting and Management

 Target expected returns to achieve all that is important to you
 Make short term economic and market issues secondary to the long term achievement of your goals
 Manage for tax-efficiency
 Develop appropriate risk parameters for your strategy

Advanced Financial Planning 

Setting and Achieving Goals 
a. Determine priority of income and asset driven goals
b. Utilize the resources allocated by the client to achieve those goals, developing creative strategies to efficiently use those resources to their best advantage

Wealth Enhancement
a. Efficiently capture capital market returns while minimizing taxes
b. Maximize the before and after tax production of income, and minimize the taxation of assets as they accumulate, or are expended

Wealth Transfer 
a. Analyze appropriate gifting strategies
b. Align investments with estate planning intentions

Wealth Protection 
a. Determine effective strategies to protect accumulated assets
b. Coordinate recommendations from insurance and attorney advisors on asset protection strategies

Relationship Management

Establish relationships with:
a. CPAs who provide tax planning advice
b. Private client attorneys who can unify your estate planning strategy
c. Other professionals integral to the wealth protection and enhancement process, such as bankers and insurance professionals  


Other Professional Experience

  • Partner, Senior Wealth Manager, The Harbor Group, Inc., Bedford, NH 
    • Developed practice of more than 130 mass affluent and wealthy clients over a 25 year career
    • Managed human resources and operational practices of the firm, including investment and custodial relationship formation
  • Advisory Board Member, Ameritrade, Inc., Omaha, NE 
    • Per request of management, served as counsel to the firm’s management as they expanded relationships with wealth management firms


Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®)
Advanced Planning Certifications, College for Financial Planning
Member of Financial Planning Association (FPA)

Media Mentions 

September 3, 2006 Union Leader Article
New Hampshire Bar News Article
May 22, 2005 Union Leader Article
May 8, 2005 Union Leader Article
February 14, 2005 Union Leader Article

Meet an Advisor

How does your firm differentiate itself from other advisory firms?
At MAMC, we have uniquely combined all of the parts of the wealth management process with a firm dedicated to committing the resources required to fulfill its mission now, and into the future. Although the basic tenets embodied in the philosophy of passive indexing are solid and unchangeable, any firm must commit to a constant process of examining itself and adjusting to changing times. That means investing in people, technology, and training, and looking at the way in which it operates. The methods we have developed over the past decades are time tested, patient and common sense solutions that stand the test of time. MAMC is a firm that I would have designed from the bottom up, to do what we do. It is the firm I have envisioned for years, and it is here today.

How did you get into the wealth management business?
When I was still in college, I began working with a firm that had developed a benefits platform for small businesses. My clients began asking me about solving problems, and I began finding solutions for them. I refused to accept the doctrines given to me by financial services providers who put themselves, and not the client, first. I showed clients how their goals could be met by allocating their resources properly. It was a rudimentary form of what we know as wealth management today, but the same basic tenets apply.

Why did you choose McLean Asset Management?
I searched for a firm that embodied the philosophies I have embraced in the wealth management process for decades, and had built the firm from the ground up in that fashion. It was a perfect match.

What makes you different from other advisors?
I am fiercely loyal to my clients. I am constantly looking for ways to serve their interests, and keep them on track toward meeting their goals. Those who have worked with me for any period of time see that, and return that loyalty.

Why are you an advisor?
I love being an advisor. What I do is second nature to me. Developing solutions and strategies is like putting a puzzle together. I love going to work every day, to the point where it does not seem like work to me. That ties in so well to the age we are in, because many clients have a 24/7 mindset when it comes to their money. I do as well.  

Who is your ideal client?
All my clients are unique. Wherever I am needed, and can make a difference, that is my ideal client. If I can develop a strategy to better someone’s life, that is a client. If you are selling a business, going through a complex divorce, retiring from a business with a complex benefit structure, I will work with you and my team to develop ways of looking at your situation you have not considered. You will see that, and be spurred to act.

What do you do outside of work?
I am a single father of three active children, and life with them is my primary joy. I like to ski, boat, run, and engage in many other outdoor activities. I enjoy the theatre, concerts, and dining out.